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Launch Date: Earth Day 2017

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, we will celebrate Earth Day - an annual event that's held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, raise awareness of pressing global issues, rally for world peace, and plant new trees. Some will be at the Science March in Washington, D.C. Others will show their appreciation to Mother Earth in their own special way. For me, this day will mark the release of my new eBook titled "Concept Progress: A Metaphysics Science Fiction."

Earth Day could not be a more appropriate launch date. The book celebrates humanity, its home planet, and pursues a particular worldview - one that explores life's evolution on Earth and emphasizes our shared responsibility to drive this evolution onward. While some will be planting trees, I'd like to plant an idea. Or, rather, a concept.

All too often, we take this particular concept for granted. We treat it with the same indifference as we treat any particular tree in a forest. But just as each tree offers a bit of its vitality to support every one of our lives, each of the book's concepts offers a bit of meaning to complement those very lives. Still, we do find some trees to be more special than others - like the Survivor Tree at the 9/11 Memorial, or the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment, or the figurative Tree of Life that Charles Darwin used to illustrate his theory of evolution, or even that oak tree in the backyard whose tree house makes it ever so special. In the same way, certain concepts are also quite special.

Concept Progress is a product of the Earth. It features life's milestones and looks forward to many more. It treats every day as Earth Day - reminding us that today is an opportunity to fix that which failed yesterday, and that tomorrow is a chance to improve it even further. This applies to us, our environment, and our worldviews. In honor of the Earth on April 22nd, let us unearth a special concept for our planet and progress toward its healthy and peaceful future.

Concept Progress Book Cover
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