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Satoshi’s Gift

I discovered Bitcoin shortly after releasing Concept Progress. It didn't take much orange-pilling to realize that Bitcoin is a progress accelerator. This technology really does have the power to fix it all - from removing economic obstacles in developing nations and eliminating the destructive effects of inflation to increasing worldwide wealth abundance and ending the climate crisis by ushering clean energy prosperity. The concept of a decentralized and global money that's immune to central bank manipulation or any single government influence reflects the age-long pursuit for freedom and self-sovereignty. Bitcoin's impacts and innovations will have deep and far-reaching effects - deep enough to spark philosophic discourse and far enough for science fiction enthusiasts to look forward to. Let's imagine.

It’s January 3rd, 2140, and almost thirteen hundred hours. People are gathered in Times Square for the second time this year. Everyone around the world is either watching their wallets or celebrating with champagne. The final bitcoin reward block is about to be mined. No matter how many sats you have, or if you are one of the lucky few to have at least one whole piece of digital treasure out of the 21 million stock; no matter who you are, you looked at your wallet and felt like it was the end of an era.

Now the block begins to form in the mempool, and the countdown begins:

  • 10, 9, transactions begin filling the block

  • 8, 7, something seems different, none of these are merchant transactions

  • 6, 5, those transactions are coming from Satoshi Nakamoto’s blocks! How is that possible?

  • 4, 3, more and more of Nakamoto’s bitcoins are filling up the block

  • 2, 1, bitcoins from the Genesis block begin to move. This has never happened before! Everyone is holding their breath.

Now, the block with the final subsidy is added to the blockchain and starts getting confirmed. No more bitcoins will ever be created again. With a bittersweet awe, people look at their wallets, then look at each other. Then look back at their wallets. Everyone finds that they’ve just received 10,000 sats - enough to pay off a mortgage, send the kids to college, or take a honeymoon on the moon. The feeling of disbelief turns into one of a serotonin-infused amazement. Silence fills Times Square. Then someone looks up from the crowd and yells “Satoshi has given us a gift!”

And just like that, humankind enters into a new era of economic prosperity.

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